Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mr. Marshmallow's Neighborhood


And I found the other one I was looking for! Cape May, NJ, from the top of the lighthouse.


  1. This is a picture you took? It's like a photo of a model. I love how I feel like I'm either in a plane looking down or hovering over a model on a table trying to decide where to put the next miniature house.

  2. It's my actual neighborhood in a picture I took from a plane, believe it or not. I like doing what's called "tilt-shift" photography, or if I can't use an actual tilt-shift lens, doing Photoshop's version of tilt-shift.

    It makes things look like little scale models. So much fun to do, and sometimes you'd really swear it's a model. I'll have to find some other ones I did and post them.

  3. So cool. Dude. Do you live next door to a major airport or what?

  4. Heh-heh. Former military pilot with connections in the local aviation community, living near a small airport!

  5. We vacationed in Cape May for a huge part of my childhood. Years and years. I'm dying to take my family there sometime. My CT raised hubby has never been---can you believe that?

    I love these tilt-shift shots. More please.

  6. So these are the people in your neighborhood? (In your neighborhood?)

    Seriously though, I'm with Nikki, these are AMAZING.