Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Here!

Oh, how I've waited for this moment! I won't make you wait to guess because it's too grand, too important, too wonderfully pee-inducing.

Here, in pictures and in words, is what arrived on my doorstep this afternoon:

You would have loved my shriek of delight - it brought my dogs running at their insane best.


                                        Amazon! Ooooooh! I know what this is!

Tear this thing open HERE!

The boys scorched the lawn in their zealous affirmation of my glee. My prize...

Direct from The Bloggess, or whatever warehouse her publisher uses.

Mine! Mine!!!

Let's just say I know what I'm doing this evening.

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  1. Jealous! I need to get a copy, stat. Oh, wait. Hello Kindle app. . .

  2. Oh yeah...instant gratification. Me like.

  3. blahblahblah I hate you forever because my reading pile is a mile deep and I've sworn off books until I make a dent in it.