Monday, February 13, 2012

Part II: The Waiting

Auditions are finished!

Wolfgang Amadeus Marshmallow has completed the audition portion of this college odyssey. He seemed to keep my words of wisdom ("Please dont suck!") foremost in his mind during this process, which served him well. At this point, we have three acceptances out of four auditions, with the last one, Ithaca College, pending adjudication. We will hear from them in mid-March.

Now, we wait. I didn't get good marks in waiting. Neither did Wolfgang or his mother. I anticipate much suckiness and attempts at making the calendar turn pages via psychokinesis over the next several weeks.

This is Wolfgang waiting:

He's the tall one in the middle of the photo. I don't know who that woman is next to him, but she tried to make small talk during the time we had to wait for the audition. It was kind of her but frankly it was annoying. We don't like small talk at these times. We don't like it any time really, but especially at these times. We like to wait in silence, like this:

Ok, we text or read. But we don't talk! We meditate quietly.

But now we have to wait for a whole month! I can't not talk talk for a whole month. That means that you, who are reading this, must suffer with the blogging equivalent of small talk. Ha! I'm so hypocritical!

Maybe I'll post a link to a few minutes video of a performance, just to really test your devotion to this blog. Nah! Too much to ask. And too much work on my part to do it using this iPad. That's true laziness, folks. I hope you appreciate it.

Over this coming month we'll have to run various scenarios through our heads so that when this last acceptance or rejection comes through we are ready to go. Ithaca as a little fish in a biggish pond? Shenandoah as a big fish in a puddle? University of Maryland as a minnow in the ocean? Or somewhere else?

The updates will come, in the form of fantastic proclamations with lots of exclamation points. Maybe a hyphen or two. Keep your eyes peeled.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Three Down, One To Go

The noose is closing tighter.

No, not the way I wanted to start this.

It was a dark and stormy night...

Nope. No good either.

Ok, we'll go with this: you insert your own cliché here__________________________________.

Now we can get started. The ongoing saga of Wolfgang Amadeus Marshmallow's college auditions continues with some very good news all 'round. He's three for three with school acceptances from auditions. Here is one of them:

Even better is that one school in particular, Shenandoah, was so impressed, they have asked him if he wouldn't mind coming back there this Monday to play for their Artist in Residence, John O'Conor.

I think he wouldn't mind. Therefore, we are off Monday to go see the man, himself. Excited much?

We are still in the process of learning which schools might offer scholarship money and which ones can piss off might not offer so much. Two of Wolfgang's older siblings, Frank Lloyd Marshmallow and Pablo Marshmallow, have pulled most of the leaves off the Marshmallow Money Tree in our backyard. Frank Lloyd is currently in Rome, doing his best imitation of a Gaul. I expect a telegram any moment from the Italian government, thanking me on the one hand for single-handedly rebuilding their economy by propping up their wine market, and also asking me when the sacking will be over.

So it's enthralling times ahead. I'll be sure to take my meds and keep you posted.