Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Photo Treats

Took both of these recently:

This little fishy will always be talking about the one that got away.

And a peaceful morning near the Marshmallow residence.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dollar Shave Club - Pure Genius!

Okay, fans. Here it is: my Genius Tip of The Year.

The Dollar Shave Club.

I've looked at the economics of shaving and it's not a pretty picture. We spend way too much money on shaving and shaving related items. For years I've tried to find the cheapest way to do the world's most repetitious, boring task (folding laundry comes in second, because you can do that while watching TV, eating, having sex, playing golf, etc.).

Electric shavers, safety razors, shaving cream, lubricants for pre and post-shave. But I've whittled it down to the best bare essentials, with the help of the aforementioned shaving club. Now it's a ceramic bowl with quality shaving soap bought cheaply on line, a good brush for application (both cost less than $20), and high quality razors from the DSC.

The brush lasts forever. Shaving soap lasts far, far longer than crappy shaving cream, is way less expensive, and does wonders for sensitive skin. The bowl was free, because what household doesn't have too many bowls just taking up space?

I estimate my cost for shaving will drop by like...a lot a lot a lot. Somewhere in that range. Plus, I'm a proud member of a club. A CLUB! Woohoo! The Elite Marshmallow, baby!

Okay, the real cost:

$2/month for blades, down from about $40 - yes - $40/month!
Soap: $40/year, compared to shaving cream at $$$$$ waybuddy more.
Brush: $16 every five years or so.

Does this make me a shill for the DSC? Damn, it sure seems like it. But then, so is NPR, and a whole lot of others, some of whom are almost as reputable as me.

Best part: their ad, below. Enjoy! And if you decide to become a member, please let me know because I can win stuff if you do!