Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Swirling Leaves and Pumpkins

I have a weekly ritual that is very important to me - to my general feeling of health and well-being. It involves going to a friend's house and discussing various subjects relating to the human condition, watching British Comedy and cultural events, and partaking of good company. To me, it feels a bit like what is described in older novels and literature of mid to late 19th century England, when friends would gather to spend time at some manor to play, talk, write, or simply laze.

Of course, this is all without the accoutrements of that era, and with the technology of today to helps us along. What started out as a lark has become a very personally fulfilling part of my life. Originally intended as a night to do some Blues jam sessions and to watch Rifftrax  or Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, it has morphed and evolved into much more. Yes, we still watch the odd film (and I do mean odd) now and then, but we found ourselves naturally gravitating toward more heady stuff. I don't believe there is a subject or item that is not appropriate for these evenings. Examples:

Sure, most of this comes from the U.K. Why? Because we can't or won't air this here in the U.S. 
Can you imagine the shit-storm that would come raging in behind a three part special on the growing movement of "disbelief" in the country? I can. Mom, apple pie, Chevrolet, and real Americans would riot in the streets, and you know just how ugly it is when apple pie riots.

Truth is, this is refreshing, eye-opening, and often sobering. I hate sobering. But I'll take it any day over a new episode of The Jersey Shore. Hey, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "But I like The Jersey Shore!" Well, fine then. Go ahead and like it. After all, I'm not the Thought Police. But if you tell me you like it, I'll probably slap you across the face like a southern deb would slap a rascal. But many times harder. 'nuff said.

Oh yeah, this story needs two things, aside from real writing talent. One is a return to my opening thought: the ritual. So here it is. I need this ritual, or at least something like it. I need it more than Kim Jong-il needs lifts in his shoes (and a tailor, and a good mortician). Just wanted to share that with you.

Oh, and the whole "Swirling Leaves and Pumpkins" thingy. Well, on my drive home tonight through town, I saw a whole lot of both. See, I drive through town late at night with my windows down, so I can see, smell, hear, and feel the ambiance of my little town. It's small, quaint, Rockwellesque, and needs to be experienced, not just driven through. So, late at night, when the chance of pissing off other drivers is lowest, I drive very slowly through town with the car windows down and take it all in. All year round. And tonight was swirling leaves, pumpkins, the smell of autumn, and a cool breeze. Perfect. 

You should have been here for it.


  1. Hi! now following you because of Nicki. And I try to do what Nicki asks. But I agree with her. Your writing is beautiful. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you, Mary. Very kind of you. Of course, Nicki is powerful and groovy, so I understand your point. And I look forward to your writing very much.

  3. Guys. I am changing the Loaded Handbag to THE ALL-POWERFUL AND GROOVY NICKI. It's like the Wizard of Oz. But I will hire much cooler bouncers to guard my city's gates.