Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RTT Wall of Shame

When everyone around me (all under the age of fetus to my ancient brain) starts talking about how they love the Kings of Leon, I gamely go along with them and nod vigorously. Although when I look for Leon on Google Earth, I can't find it. Nor is it in the CIA Factbook on countries. And can anyone tell me why Leon has more than one king?


I stayed up way too late last night watching programs on Supermassive Black Holes, and how we should mine the Moon for Helium 3. Then, after about 1 am, I tried to read Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan. Who does shit like that? I fell asleep with my iPad on my chest.


My wife does volunteer work for Meals on Wheels, which is a magnificent organization, by the way. One of her coworkers is a 74 year old man named Max. Max is energetic, and only biologically 74. He has the mind of a 20-something, and a great attitude to match. But he does one thing that cracks me up and costs me time. He keeps giving my wife books and CDs on rock bands for me to check out. In particular, on The Band, you know, Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, those guys.

Now, I happen to LOVE the band and I even go see Levon when he performs up near Woodstock at his home. You can't beat that. Great stuff. But Max is killing my productivity as much as this blog is killing it! Max, for the love of my sanity, please stop!


  1. I can tell you about the Kings of Leon. No, I'm not an obsessed fan. I just spent an entire day writing promotional stories for the UK tour. So. This is actually pretty impressive--the band is comprised of three brothers and their cousin. All have the same last name. The boys' father was a traveling Southern minister. The two eldest brothers got signed by a company, denied the offered band, and taught their little brother how to play bass. Then they drove up and essentially kidnapped their cousin (told his mom they'd be gone for a week and never came home).

    Leon is their dad (and, in one case, uncle). So.

    I realize this is more than anyone really wanted to know, but I have ALL THIS USELESS TRIVIA POUNDING IN MY HEAD and it needed a release. So if anyone wants some Take That trivia, talk to me. Anyone? Anyone? No one? Right-o.

  2. I have friends who love this band, and I still don't even know what the cool kids listen to these days. If they don't air it on NPR, I probably haven't heard it.

    But, Nicki has certainly given me enough info to act like I might really be into Kings of Leon. Maybe that's enough to skate by with.

  3. Nice crash course in the Kings. Thanks, Nicki. Yeah, Nicole, with this information I could probably pass myself off as not a total goob. I still can't find it on Google Earth though.

  4. Not to be a Max, but have you heard Robbie Robertson's solo album that came out in the 80's? Dang it was cool.

  5. No sweat, Mary! I have his self-titled album, which I thought was very good, but I don't know if it got great reviews. I was very happy with the music he has put out for the last twenty years. I don't think people realize just how prolific he is as a write.
    I really enjoyed his 1994 album, "Music for the Native Americans", although again, I don't recall what the reviews were for it.

    The man just never stops, he's always working, doing soundtracks, or helping other musicians, or writing new stuff. Pretty impressive.

  6. Well, I don't do shit like that. I stay up way too late playing mindless video games, not improving my brain. Yeesh. Over achiever.

  7. I feel like a total loser. I think I'll go Google them. I'm 33 and know every hip hop song (I go to karaoke) and every Led Zeppelin song (Shared a room with my sister, she's 8 years older). Thinking I'll hit up some YouTube.

  8. I'm with Keely, I stay up too late wasting my good brain cells on mindless video/computer games.

  9. Now, if only The Band were still THE BAND, it'd be great. But they broke up before half the people I know were born. Back in the day, they really were T-H-E B-A-N-D. They were Dylan's guys, Ronnie Hawkins' guys, and they played with everybody who is anybody in music. People would kill to play with these dudes. Their 1968 album, "Music From The Big Pink" is the cream of the crop. The best thing I ever heard or saw from them (for my own taste) is the version of "The Weight" they did during "The Last Waltz", with the Staples. Mavis Staples, Pops Staples. Pure bliss.

    Speaking of "The Last Waltz", it's a must-own for anyone who dares to call himself or herself a music aficionado. Directed by Martin Scorcese, it is the definitive music documentary of its time. Maybe of all time.

    By the way, I got tired of Leviathan, and I've switched my late-night reading to Paul-Henri Thiry, Baron d'Holbach. Reading part one of his "System of Nature". Oddly, he, the French atheist, is easier to understand than Hobbes. Who knew?