Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well, not too excited. Every now and then I'm going to be posting photos for your amusement, enjoyment, critique, or because I can't think of anything else to do.

So here is a photo I took of a lovely bride at her wedding in 2010. She was a total joy to photograph and so lovely that my job was easy. The girl just couldn't look anything but beautiful in every shot.

Also! If you, patient readers, have enjoyed any part of my blogging, I unashamedly ask you to recommend it to others. This is the stuff I do want people to see, as opposed to my Facebook or Twitter accounts. Although I'm happy if people see those, it's not critical, because...and let's be honest here...they are usually crap.
Not saying that this isn't crap, but if it is, then it's crap that I've put some effort into. So please, share The Marshmallow!


  1. that's a great picture! I would hope to look that beautiful on my wedding day...

  2. Funnily enough, I just pimped you on my Ninja Mom FB page (117 members strong)---all that BEFORE seeing your brave request to be shared.

    And, I have every intention of promoting you on my blog, too. But let's make it fun. We'll have to put our heads together.

  3. Dir, the picture! I wish you'd been my wedding photographer back in 2001. This is exactly the kind of photo I wanted.