Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Saturday Grab Bag

Just in time for the big "Wear a Certain Color And Pretend You're of an Ancestry That You're Really Not and Get Stinking Drunk" holiday, here is the Saturday Grab Bag!

Yes, my newly created blog post that may or may not occur on every, many, some, just this Saturday, according to my level of laziness and creative nadirs. It's almost like the old Random Tuesdays, Funky Fridays, Thought Thursdays, etc., but not really.

You can pick and choose what you feel like reading from the below list of unrelated topics. Read them all, or read this far only. It's up to you. Go!


So That's What Blogging Is!

For those who have read this blog before, and as a warning for those reading for the first time (Sarah Mae?), you'll see that I still haven't completely figured out what blogging really is. About a year into writing this blog I learned that blogs, in general, are supposed to have a certain theme, or fall into a category. Wine blogs, Mommy blogs, Daddy blogs, Science blogs, etc. This blog has been pretty well themeless all along. 

Fortunately, I now know that blogs should be themed, henceforth my blog will be very concretely and firmly, a blog about whatever I feel like at the moment I start typing. There. Rock-solid. I hope you enjoy this theme.


Proof of Loopiness

As if it were needed, I am providing links back to some previous posts which will demonstrate this blogs dedication to written wanderlust and ambiguity. Enjoy!

The Do-Over, a creative writing assignment
and lastly (thankfully) Baby It's Cold Outside


  1. Wow. Well, my head is a bit more hazy than normal as I succumb to whatever viral infection has my hubby and daughter hacking their lungs up, but I just read all your links to previous posts. I wish you would have re-posted them one at a time because all my thoughts are swimming and spinning together and I haven't even started in on the cold medicine. (Not your fault, I know.) You are quite an amazing writer. I particularly liked "The Do-Over", but all were intriguing. I would rave more but I'm only semi-coherent as it is. Someone should have arrested my internet privileges hours ago.

  2. You have an anti-theme theme. So edgy. I dig it.

  3. @TMP: thank you. That you would even attempt to read those under normal circumstances is very nice, let alone whilst under a brain fog. Much appreciated.

    @Nicole: That's me; accidentally hip. It's the only way.

  4. No big whoop. I'm kind of themeless too.

  5. I hate themes! Mostly because I know I should have one!