Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Simple Photo To Share

No big updates or other craziness to share right now, although lots of things still brewing. But for today, another photo to share from the Myakka State Forest during my recent expedition. Enjoy!

A Rosiette Spoonbill seems to parachute gently over the water:


  1. Crazy good photography. What are you going to do with these? Do you frame them? Sell them?

  2. Thanks! I have these on my photography galleries as well. I do put them up there for sale (knowing that sharing them here is a risk of having them lifted for free), but in here they are just for pure enjoyment.

  3. Thank you all. This is one of the ones I really like, so I'm very happy you appreciate the shot. Makes it worth getting out there in near dark and being set up and ready to go by sunrise.