Wednesday, February 12, 2014


In order to keep this sad, sad blog going, I know I have to post once every so often, even during its hibernation. The two people still reading this please, for god's sake, comment!

So, in the spirit of winter, here's a little photo I snapped with my iPhone 5. Yep, my iPhone.

I bought a $39 slip-on macro lens for it, figuring I had nothing but $40 to lose and everything to gain if it worked. And it works! Enjoy the snowflake, taken at 28mm (that's the iPhone's focal length) and a 21x macro lens, which does something to the focal length, but I'm too lazy to determine just what. 

Technique for getting the photo:

 - get a piece of glass plate (mine's about 13" in diameter).

 - take glass plate onto back deck while snow is falling.

 - EXTRA TIP! Let the plate get nice and cold before setting it horizontally. That will keep the snowflakes from melting immediately upon landing.

 - lay plate on deck railing, so that part of it is hanging off.

 - let flakes land.

 - VERY quickly, place iPhone with macro over the snowflake and snap away. - repeat about 500 times until you get one good photo!



  1. It's meeeeee, I always comment. Even when I am sucking at writing my own darn blog. Don't blame Sheldon too much for the weather, I'm hoping it sways them to move back to this side of the country.