Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Faster Toward The Storm

Written for the Writing Prompt #10, at Studio 30 Plus

I expect a lot of "Huh?" comments on this. Really. But I'm ok with it.


Through nothing I go, into nothing.

All Void. Void. All Void.

I turn, look back - see nothing,
But I began there,
I know.

It is there. 
Pinprick glimmer.                                             

Shiver in empty darkness.
Nothing to reach out and touch, no walls.
Foreverness, in all directions, save back.
I can never go back. 

Speeding onward toward the storm.
Unfeeling, it will envelope me.
Unseen, it is there.

Storm will become my home, my space.
Storm engulf and charge me.
Storm will I die in, yet speed on.
Storm touch my skin...touch me.

Void. All Void. Void.
All Void. Void. All Void.

Where is my sister?


When will I be with the storm?
I will not be in the Void then.
It will be less than the Void.


  1. I need to know about that graphic before I really comment. Info? Or is it really not necessary?

  2. I'm getting, don't laugh!, big bang. The unknowable beginning and it's tumultuous, ongoing rush toward its end. The warmth (energy) of the initial impetus for the universe to explode out from I don't know what (really, I don't know, not my area of expertise).

    The void/all void combos make me think they are a part of the foreverness thought. There is void forever, it's all void, and the void comes back on itself. It's totality voiding even itself.

    Becoming part of the Void (cap "V" like cap "G" God) is every human experience. We (me included) are often comfortable assigning this experience to a religious paradigm, but subscribe to a particular god or no, we all are born, share this life, and die. But the energy goes where? It becomes part of the storm/Void. No?

    My favorite line is "When will I be with the storm?"

    The binary is lost on me.

    As is the "Where is my sister?"line. And in italics, too. Like I should pay attention to it.

    This is way fun. Even if I'm dead wrong.

    I have to think over the stanza that begins with "song."

  3. Nicole, the graphic originally had no useful information in it. It does have a bit of useful info now, in the photo I placed in it.

    The graphic already existed in hand drawn form from a few years ago (long story), as a method of me to visualize something that the blog is based on.
    Cryptic, no?

    The post is a compliment to the original graphic, since it fit the idea of the writing assignment (I know, this is getting weird) of Storm.

    I like your interpretation, and although that is not my theme, I now feel like writing something based on it, because I love it! My post is not as grandly themed as that, but it is space-based. Something awesome in exploration is happening right now, but it may be a few years before it is completed and we get all the information. Hard to say exactly what without blurting out my theme's subject outright. The hint is in the graphic now.

    The subject has a "twin sister".

    I know. Totally odd, but it makes sense once all the information is there. I just don't want to blurt it all out! Thanks for commenting and even for just reading it!

  4. Well, I was going to say "is it about the death of your sister/loved one" but after reading your reply. I guess I am way off base. But I loved it anyways.

  5. ................cricket.…………