Friday, July 8, 2011

An Open Letter To Retailers

Dear Unnamed Retailer*:

I am your customer. Just one person.  A very frequent, loyal customer. I never complain, I'm always friendly, I thank you for your product and your hard work to make it for me.  I am no more or less important than any of your other customers. I frequent your place of business because you sell a product I like to use. If I and others didn't, you wouldn't be in business. Therefore, is it too much to ask of you to keep the environment of your establishment pleasant?

If I want to sit and relax with a beverage you sell me, but the music playing in your place prevents me from having a conversation with another patron because it is too loud, I'm going to politely ask that it be turned down (although I would think that someone working there should have already checked it for proper volume). Very politely, because why would I be otherwise? I like you, but I simply want to be able to carry on a conversation without raising my voice.

That stated...

Some Dos and DON'Ts:

Please don't suggest I move to a place farther away from the speakers. Please don't look at me as if I'm putting you out. Please don't sigh heavily at me. Please don't question my judgment on what is too loud, because I promise I'm not going to ask unless it's absolutely necessary. Please do tell me you'll take care of it right away, and thank me for bringing it to your attention.

Because if you do the don'ts, you'll lose my business. And guess what? You'll probably never know why, because I'll just stop coming, and you'll lose my business and the other business that I bring in through friends and family. You may say, "No big deal. It's just one person or a few people." Yep, I'm just one person, already admitted as much in the beginning of the letter. But your whole business is built on one person, then another individual, then another, and another, one or two at a time, over time. Trust me when I tell you that you cannot afford to lose the business of just "one person".

We add up. And again, the only reason you have a job, and that your establishment is open, is because I and others are willing to trade our hard-earned money for your product today.


Thank you,

The Defiant Marshmallow

*I really do enjoy your high-priced, great tasting, brewed, dark brown, hot beverages and free Wifi. Honest I do!


  1. Tweet about it... I have had some fantabulous results in tweeting. Businesses don't like Twittah...

  2. @Nubian: oh yeah. Good idea. I linked to it on FB, but didn't tnk about tweeting it. Thanks!

    @dbs: thanks! I hope somebody reads it!