Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Waiting Is The Worst Part

I don't like waiting. I may have mentioned this before. Despite not liking it, I've been forced to sit in limbo while I await word of Wolfgang Amadeus Marshmallow's final college acceptances and financial status offers.

There has been some news, but I am delaying posting it until I hear from all parties involved. The news so far has been very good. One particular university has been most generous in its praise of Wolfgang and in its subsequent offer. However, we can't make any decisions until hearing back from all the universities, and it is just flat out kicking my ass. I want to do something, but there is no rushing this process, so I wait.

Wolfgang and Mrs. Marshmallow are doing only slightly better than me with this. They have not yet required medication and bed restraints. But every day, we all race to the mailbox to see what might be inside, and every day we collectively sigh.

This is really all I want to write for now. I did it partly because of some irrational fear that somehow this page will dry up and crumble if I don't write in it. It needs fresh ink.

Stay tuned. I'll be back to my normal self soon.


  1. Agony, man. It sounds like happy agony. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. Oof. That's the worst. Take up yoga, maybe?

  3. I will continue to visit wine farms and drink while you wait okay?

  4. It is a relatively happy agony, but my body can't distinguish between good stress and bad stress and it makes for some restless nights. Thanks, all of you, for bearing with me and this lameness!

    Nicki, I love the idea of yoga, although it paints an ugly picture in my mind when it comes to moves like Downward Spiraling Self Image and Stray Wildebeest.

    Nubian, you go for it with all my envious blessings! I will continue to drain the wines here as fast as I can buy them.

  5. I'm sure your talented smarty pants boy will have amazing offers and his pick of the cream of the crop. Good luck.