Friday, September 7, 2012

I've Simply Had Nothing To Say.

I haven't been reading blogs lately. Not writing, either, but that's obvious. There's nothing wrong, I've simply had nothing to say and very little time to read what my blogging friends have written. 

Carry on.


  1. Sometimes Mrs. Tuna gets in a rut too. Nothing new to say. Work, school and family. Maybe I've used up all my words. Or I'm wasting all my fine writing on work and school. Sigh.

    Glad all is well in the hood? Boy off to college?

  2. Good to hear. I've been very busy too.

  3. @Mrs. Tuna: Yep, he's at college and loving it. Slightly overwhelmed, which is perfect.
    @dbs: Life just keeps going, doesn't it?

  4. I hear you and feel your funk. I am a part of that group too.

  5. Still no words? I would have thought you'd have a post about the boy's adventure at school.