Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting Sporty Because I'm Bored

Look, I've been traveling and haven't had time to think, let alone write. So here's a brief sporting interlude, with some of my favorite moments from college and high school athletics. 
(click on each to see large image)
(all images copyrighted by me, but if you're reading this it means I like feel free to use them, with attribution, of course)

1. Panic in the goal.

2. Yeah, it's a trip.

3. Top HS Soccer player in the nation getting some big air.

4. She hits like a girl.

5. Serious Pole Vaulting skill, over 16 feet.


  1. That soccer player is high! And I don't mean in a Diego Maradona way.

  2. You take such gorgeous pics. I need to share you with my friend Brenna who is a photographer and blogger. She's on my blogroll at Suburban Snapshots. I'll dig up her photography site and send it to you.

  3. That kid can jump like you wouldn't believe!

    Thanks, Nicole. I'd love to see Brenna's stuff.