Monday, February 7, 2011

Was it Suntzu I Said?

This is Monday, and I'm sort of cheating by posting a fairly random piece. However, I'm in Chicago right now, and tomorrow I'll still be here, but in meetings all day long, and into the evening. Because of that, I'm posting a bit of semi-randomness now, rather than try to squeeze it in late tomorrow night. Plus, I have just the iPad with me, and it's a bear to type on in rush mode.

Back to the post. I seemed to have frightened off some folks, but I'm not sure what did it. Was it the talentless dreck I call prose? If so, I have to say in my own defense that I warned you people about that. Was it Studio 30 Plus? Ever since I created my profile there, I've been deluged with silence. How about Sun Tzu? It was him, wasn't it? Look, I spared everyone all those middle chapters. Should I have left them in? Dammit! What is it???


Chicago. Lovely city. Probably the only major city I have ever visited that I feel I could live in. NYC. No way. LA. Nah! Phoenix. You kidding? Philly. Ok, maybe Philly, but just because I know it well and I'm from the suburbs. But it doesn't hold a candle to Chicago. Perhaps I shouldn't use a phrase that has anything to do with flames and Chicago? My apologies, Mrs. O'Leary.

Anyway, I love this town. Broad avenues, great culture, entertainment, food, shopping. And it doesn't smell like a sewer, except in the sewery parts, like the sewers. I mean, compare downtown Chicago to Times Square, or midtown Manhattan. Times Square literally smells like shit, all the time. Chicago, even down by the river, does not.

One thing Chicago needs to do though, is change that building's name back to the Sears Tower. Willis Tower doesn't do it for me. I don't care who owns the thing now, we all know it as the Sears Tower. And since the new name has such a terrible nickname, you'd think they'd want to change it back. But hey, maybe they all want a Big Willy.

Who am I to judge?