Tuesday, February 22, 2011

RTT: iPhone Hell-o

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iPhone 4: My experience to date

I like my iPhone 4. It is pretty cool and does nifty things, and often helps me make phone calls. However, there are some drawbacks to it.

Like the aforementioned PHONE CALLS.

Let's be clear on this. To start with, I should have said that I like my iPhoneS - plural. I was an Early Adopter (code for numbskull who waited in line), so I've had an iPhone 4 since the day they became available. I have also had to take it in for service (code for swapping it out for a new phone) FOUR TIMES. And all for the same issue: it wouldn't make proper phone calls.

During a call, the person on the other end would, at some point, end up suddenly unable to hear me. I, of course, always heard, "Hello?"
"Hello?" "HELLO???!" 

So I have made four trips to the Apple Store, and each time they have simply swapped out the phone and I have gone home and subsequently had to restore my phone from its last backup, which, thankfully, I do every day. But it still takes hours to restore and it's a pain.

This morning, I was on the phone with a nurse, walking her through a complicated oncology issue and heard the fateful, "Hello?, etc..." 
I kept calling back and kept losing her. After hearing "Goddammittttttt!" on the last hangup, I turned my car into the mall parking lot and ran into the handy Apple Store, where they.....

.......wait for it.......

.....swapped out my phone.

I left the store with the new phone and immediately called the nurse back to apologize and heard.....you guessed it, "Hello?, etc..."

----insert string of your very best profanity here----

Since I hadn't left the parking lot, I went back into the Apple Store, whereupon seeing me, the Genius at the Genius Bar had a stroke and dropped dead saw me, came hustling over and said (and I quote), "No way!" 
I looked at him and simply said, "SIM Card." 
Did you know that you can almost actually see the light bulb go on over another person's head? It's true. I think I saw it over the Genius. He said, "Yeah, SIM Card. That makes sense."

Fortunately, there is also an AT&T store in the mall, so I sauntered on over to it, and asked them for a new SIM Card, which they obligingly installed. I strolled back over to the Apple Store, and tested out the phone for about fifteen minutes, while every other Genius in the store waited with bated breath to see if that solved the problem. Of course, it now worked fine, because it was the SIM Card all along. 

Now you tell me why a store full of Genii couldn't figure this out in the first place. Seriously, if my title was "Genius" I'd not only not be working at an Apple Store, but I'd sure as hell be able to figure out when a SIM Card was acting up. For that matter, I DID figure it out!
Wonder if I can charge Apple for my time?

By the way, there is a nurse in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania who is really pissed off at me right now, and I can't blame her. I'm afraid to call her back to attempt to explain myself. Any volunteers?


I've watched the Rifftrax versions of all of the Twilight movies now. It's really the only way to watch them. Same goes for The Room. If you get the chance, give them a try.

Which reminds me of a conversation I had at dinner last night. Two members of my "family" - I have to use that term loosely because of their affliction - are of the opinion that the Twilight movies are pretty good. I told them the cold truth. First, that they are adopted and that nobody loves them, and second, that those films are to the Vampire genre, what Barney is to 
Jurassic Park.


Guess what?
My iPhone is still syncing and being restored.

So how's your day been?


  1. LMFAO!!!!
    I completely agree you with the Twilight movies....

  2. Twilight is a disgrace to real vampires everywhere. Real vampires don't sparkle. I shun all things Twilight. *shuns*

    These are only two of my favorite anti Twilight t-shirts:

    Team Spike.

    And then Buffy staked Edward. The End.

  3. I'm in your debt for the RiffTrax business. I was just telling my brother and sister at home that they need to Netflix themselves some MST3K. Can you believe they don't know about MST3K? What's next? Revolution in the Arab world?

    I am not a Twilight movie fan, but I am a fan of practically underage shirtless man/boys with tans. Call me Mrs. Robinson.

  4. My suggestion is that you leave the nurse be. I work with nurses and they tend to be unpredictable in nature. I'm with you though: get a job with Apple! Or get them to give you some free gadgets or something! Anything!

  5. iPhone. How do you deal with the lack of buttons for typing?
    That's my one fear. Can't get over the whole "typing on a flat surface" thing.

  6. Thanks for the comments all.

    @Kris: Thanks!

    @Raven: I like the T-shirts. Especially the Buffy one. Might have to find that one and gift it.

    @Nicole, aka Mrs. Robinson: Happy to spread Rifftrax goodness and madness. And remind me to tell you about my Mrs. Robinson someday.

    @Sandra: I saw my nurse customer today and she was understanding, but still gave me a load of grief - mostly for being an iPhone user.

    @Nicki: I got used to the lack of buttons better than most people. They respond to the electrical current in the skin in your fingertips, so pressing them with nails doesn't work. Watching my wife try to use her iPod is an infinite source of amusement for me.

  7. Sir,
    I also have disowned all former family members and/or friends that profess any attachment whatsoever to the twilight drivel, books and or movies.
    They sucketh donkey turd.
    great blog BTW