Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RTT: Blue, and Hints of Synesthesia.

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  • As a child, my favorite color was blue. No fancy tints or hues, just blue, right from the color wheel.
  • Blue is a smooth word. Surprisingly, it is also the color blue. Not all the words for the colors are the color they describe.
  • Brown is clear. Yellow is White. Green is Pale Green. Red is Reddish Brown. Black is Black.
  • My first name has the same feeling as an even number. Not surprisingly, I like even numbers better than odd numbers. However, my last name is pointy, coarse, and has an odd number feeling to it.
  • All music to me is sightly flat. Or better put, my entire inner musical "ear" is sharp. I can pick out tones just fine, and can sing in tune, but my scale wants to be a quarter tone off (which is actually half way between two normal tones in a regular scale). 
  • However, both my mother and one of my sons have Absolute Pitch, which is rare for even the most accomplished musicians.
  • You don't even want to know how music affects me, but let's just say it has a multitude of smells and colors.

Speaking of music...
Behold! The McIntosh Reference System!

This can be yours for a mere $235,000. 
Yes, you read that correctly. 
Actually, that was the price two years ago. I'm sure it's gone up a bit since then. The speakers at each end are seven feet tall. There are some drool marks on this from when I was looking it over and trying to act casual about it.

Photo by me and iPhone, March 2009.


  1. I love your name.

    If your musical ear is a little sharp, mine has been scrambled by a food processor.

  2. Where's my damn comment? Crap. I commented yesterday and it was, well, I totally forget. But it had something to do with me liking blue in every hue and that not being the case with any other color.

    I know, you're inspired by that rehash.

  3. I'm a purple kinda girl myself. Purple has attitude. I like attitude.

    Love your random. It's so awesomely...well, random!!

  4. @ Nicki: Thanks.

    @Nicole: Bummed I missed out on your original comment. I understand.

    @Raven: Purple has power attitude. I love it. Thanks!

  5. I can completely relate to the synesthesia thing. Each month for me is a different colour. And I "see" what I hear a lot. Does that make sense? (Uh, no pun intended.)

  6. @dbs: Makes sense to me, man. This is one of the reasons I love studying about neuroscience. Fascinating and wide open.