Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RTT: Don't Raise The Heads, Lower The Humor.

If you like Random Thoughts Tuesday, take a look at Keely, the Un Mom. Go ahead, it won't kill you. It's way better than reading my crap. And she invented it, to boot.



It has recently been brought to my attention that I may be failing as a blogger. I can take this several ways, starting from the point of view that I'm not entirely certain I know what a blogger really is or does anyway, and therefore, shouldn't be too distraught about this revelation. Or I can take the point of view that I simply do not have the wherewithal or chops for blogging - accept that it is possibly a younger person's turf, and shuffle along quietly into the world of has-beens and never-was-es.

Another possibility is to accept the potential fact that what I do means so little to so many who read it that it is simply not worth reading. That's no shame or anything. It would be nothing more than the way things are.

But I'm not sure what it is yet, and the reason I write all this is because, in short, and with varying degrees of tact, I have been told twice in two weeks by people who have attempted to read this blog that "it's just over my head".

The convo goes like this:

DM: Hey thanks for reading! What did you think?

READER: excuse me, I have to go pee now.

DM: Did you like the blog?

READER: Who is Sun Tzu?

DM: Ancient Chinese military dude.

READER: I was kidding. What I meant was, "Who the fuck cares who he was?" Your blog is too hard to read. I don't get it. It makes me feel stupid.

DM: Oh. Does that mean you like it?

READER: (already left me to go find a bathroom and conceivably to throw up)

So that's my random for this week. Being in long meetings all day and having planned activities at night leaves me about 10 minutes to type this, so this week it's a weak, pitiful, self-sorrowful epigram.

With no spell checking done.


  1. Who the hell says you're a terrible blogger? You're one of my favorite bloggers. So you don't blog for the masses. So you don't write about Pop Heiress Barbie's latest cocaine escapades. So you don't write posts that say "I went to the dentist this morning and boy does my mouth hurt lol."


    I love this blog because it has something to say. Always. I admire that. In fact, I'm a little jealous of it.

    At the end of the day, write for yourself. Write because you need to write. Write because you have something legitimate to say. The readers will follow.

  2. Don't stop blogging! There are no rules, no set number of followers you should amass. There are no groups you must join or people you should bend to. I love the Sun Tzu post, for example. And the pictures. And you in general.

    Fuck the haters. I mean that in all my Jersey sincerity. Fuck those asshats.

  3. Oh, and your Product of Silence post. Loved that. And you know why? Because what you write is often provocative in the most thoughtful way.

  4. Whoever says that you are a bad blogger has no taste in blogs and is probably too dense to understand the quality of your humor. Hell, you had me at 'Defiant Marshmallow!'

    Don't let stupid people get you down. I love your blog. Don't stop. I'll be utterly crushed. Oh, I'll get over it, eventually. But for a long time I will be crushed and it will be all your fault. Do you really want that guilt staining your soul?

    K I think I need more coffee. Or less. Something.

  5. I have a thirty minute break until our mandatory fun evening that has been totally planned for us, so I will spend the parts of this break that don't involve showering and dressing to post a heartfelt thanks to Nicki, Nicole, and Raven. If I'm not dead tired when I get back to my room later tonight, I'll write something more, but don't count on me being anything but totally wiped out.

    Thank you!

    Nicki, I think you know (or at the very least, have an inkling of) how greatly I admire you. So without going on and on, your words mean a lot.

    Nicole, you have managed to help get me to really care about writing again, and have helped to reaffirm that there are truly gifted people in existence.

    Raven, although I only recently started following your blog, you immediately struck me as a person with great character, wit, and individuality. So sorely lacking these days, and so freaking refreshing. I get real enjoyment from your blog.

    All of you really made my day. Thank you!

    Wish I had more time, dammit!

  6. Sun Tzu and I are good friends, very close. I am arriving late to this party, but keep on blogging. Raise the bar says I. The world has plenty of dumb people.
    And, if you have a minute, try the Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai.
    You would like it :)

  7. I get you. And I'm not the only one. Writers write because they have to. Creative people need to create. Just enjoy yourself.

  8. dbs: Thanks. You're an excellent and creative writer, so I appreciate the comment.

    Tom: Thanks, also. Much appreciated, and I will take a look at Hagakure.