Monday, March 21, 2011

Wildlife Moments

Just a couple of quickies. Had to go shoot some Tundra Swans, Snow Geese, and Canada Geese recently.  Wildlife refuge near me is loaded in late February and all of March.
I have hundreds, but just want to post a few.
(Also, they're big files, even though I reduced them from the originals considerably for the web)

Nikon D3s, 300mm f/2.8 VR I lens


  1. Those are beautiful! I wish there was more wildlife in my area. Not much room for it in the suburbs though. Although we do get a few deer, and wild turkeys. There was a turkey perched on the roof of my Midget's school the other day. It was weird.

  2. Beautiful! My hubs is from Canada, and he is always telling me how pretty the geese are. But that means I would have to be there in winter to see them. Nope, not happ'nin :) Great shots though. Randomly stopped over and glad I did.

  3. I love that you "had to go." Those geese were really twisting your arm, weren't they?

    In all honesty...I so admire your photography posts. I learn so much from you. I'm still a hatchling with a broken wing and I know when I post pictures it must be like a pre-teen posting a video on Youtube-- but please know that I truly appreciate your posts--- and know that I'm standing in the background trying to look cool while frantically scribbling notes.

  4. Thanks, you guys. Raven, I speak to elementary school kids on how to find things to photograph in their own back yards. You'd be amazed what you can find. It just takes seeing things differently. Sort of like a kid.

    Thanks, TexaGermaNadian! Winter is great, except for the pesky cold part. The geese are amazing to watch, and the sound of 60,000 of them taking off at the same time is unbelievable.

    Nicki, dear. Thank you. I love your photos. It's all about the eye for it. You've got that part already. Believe it or not, I'm eying your photos and learning too.

  5. I do love your photography. You have a great eye. I need to share with you one I took of T. It will make you roll your eyes and laugh. Yup I am that good.