Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never Thought I'd Say This, But...

...Shame on you, NOVA!

Tonight, while watching NOVA's special on "Hunting The Hidden Dimension" (a special on fractals), I was treated to a sneak peek of next week's program. This was what I was treated to:

(Announcer's Voice): "Six million years ago, what set our ancestors on the path from this to this?"

Doesn't seem bad, right? Except for the video which rolled as the narrator spoke those words.

The first "this" was a picture of a chimpanzee; the second "this" was a picture of a baby (human).

Call me picky, but I have a hard enough time debating creationists when they say we couldn't possibly have evolved from monkeys or apes, or especially chimpanzees (because why would there still be chimpanzees if we evolved from them?).* When a respected SCIENCE PROGRAM like NOVA barfs it up like that, I have no patience or tolerance for it. No excuses.

I went to NOVA's site to re-watch the preview, so I could write a nice complaint to them, but astonishingly, the preview on the site is different from the one they showed on TV, although pretty damn close. It's explained a little better and more clearly, but not much. And most people will see the TV version instead of the website version. So I say again to you, NOVA producers, "For shame!"

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.

They will have to stay after school and bang out the chalk board erasers.

Shit. They use what now? Smart Boards? Well, they can stay after school and reboot them or something.

*We evolved from a common ancestor. Whole 'nother thang.


  1. "Shame on you NOVA" is definitely one of those things I NEVER THOUGHT ANYONE WOULD EVER SAY EVER. Except for, I don't know, creationists or something. Or PETA. For some reason, I just see PETA as having a problem with everything.

  2. I love some smarty pants outrage. Good venting. Well said.

  3. Hubby and I were just speaking about this very thing not an hour ago! How weird. This is why people have doubts. I am going over to NOVA's website to bitch slap them.