Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From a Recent Air Show

It's no secret: I love Air Shows. What can I say? I'm an aviator, through and through. Flew before I could drive, taught by my Navy fighter pilot father, then later trained as an Army Aviator, and flew for years in some kick-ass aircraft.

It's really the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
Now that I don't get to cheat death in these machines, I get the random opportunity to photograph them.

 Enjoy a few pics from a show held at the Lancaster County Community Days Air Show, put on over my birthday weekend this past August.


Got MiG?

Closing speed of over 600 mph. Two jets from the Heavy Metal Jet Team.

The Mig-17 stole the show (and my heart).

"King Kong" just couldn't catch this guy.

And this guy will just plain ruin your day if you're in his sights. A-10 Thunderbolt (aka Warthog).

Old fashioned air conditioning.

Just a little rush hour traffic.


  1. Warthog ~ T's favorite.

    Love the pictures, wicked cool.

  2. I got a HUGE kick out of the King Kong pic, but the last shot's my favorite!

  3. Fun stuff. Sorry to post such small images (they look totally cool enlarged) but I've had so many photos swiped from the internet that I don't post large sizes any more. Or I watermark the heck out of them!

  4. Oh I could use some air conditioning right now: it's +30, er, in Fahrenheit, a lot.