Sunday, September 11, 2011

The 7 X 7 Link Award

On Saturday, I received an award from Nubian. She is a terrific person, talented writer, and just one hell of a good human being. I am quite humbled by her choosing me as one of her awardees. 
The award is the 7 X 7 Link Award. I am to find a number (seven - shocking) posts of my own, and link to them here. Each has a category it will belong to.

I will then pass this award along to seven people. Not just any seven people. Seven of my favorites. If any of you have won this award before, you can be exempt from the assignment portion, but please accept the award as a token of my esteem for you.

My seven posts are:
  1. Most Beautiful (admittedly a difficult one to find): Wildlife Moments
  2. Most Helpful: In my opinion, anything that dispels a myth, urban legend, conspiracy theory or other goofball fantasy is a good thing. Helpful. So I consider this post helpful. Flying Rods
  3. Most Popular: According to the blog's statistics, it is Conversation With A Trophy
  4. Most Controversial: Tough call, as I don't consider myself controversial. Sometimes I stick foot in mouth, but normally, I don't go for controversy. However, having given a strong opinion in this post, I may have stirred some little controversy.
  5. Most Surprisingly Successful: Anything I write is a surprise if it read by one person, let alone successful. Since I can't put all of my posts here, I'll pick one. Submarine Races And Other Things I've Fallen For
  6. Most Underrated: This one I do have a strong opinion on, as it got almost totally blanked after it was published. But I really enjoyed writing it and think it's worth a read. The Do Over
  7. Most Pride-worthy: This was almost a tie, but I'll put my most popular one in here, too. Conversation With A Trophy
I now pass this award along to seven of my very favorite bloggers, even if they've already been given this award by someone else.

Keely, The Un Mom
Barbara, Spasms of Accommodation, because she is quite simply, amazing. 
The Bloggess, as if you didn't see this coming a mile away. 
Think.Stew, who just happens to be brilliant, and someone I'd love to hang out with. My favorite guy in the blogosphere.

And I saved one of my very favorite people in life for last. She will turn beet-red when she reads this because she is genuinely humble and doesn't realize she's a genius - 

If you've been given the award already, you don't have to do anything. The rest of you know what to do. 
And YOU, my dear readers - go see these people and add them to your must-read list!



  1. *blushing*

    Love that I got to read some that I had missed. This I think is by far one of the best blog awards out there because we get to catch up on our reading and getting to know a little bit more about the blogger.

    I do try and read blogs from the very beginning, but it seems I must have missed a few of yours.

    Have a great Sunday.

  2. I can probably do that first part to find 7 of my own posts that fit the categories but I don't follow any bloggers besides the million-follower really busy kind and the my-blog-is-private kind. There are only 4 people with blogs that know who I am. I recommend them here to make it look like I tried to comply.

    Phil Plait, The Bad Astronomer, who answers all my email and reads any blog entry with his name in it.

    Steve Who-Doesn't-Like-People-To-Know-His-Real-Name (but I do), Tree Lobsters, who I have beaten brutally and repeatedly at Words With Friends, but he still won't follow me on Twitter.

    John Callendar, who does occasionally beat me at Words With Friends, but usually I win.

    Len Peralta also knows who I am, but he has so many websites I don't know which one to link to. He has a blog and podcast but I only know him as an artist. Here's the page with the hero I commissioned.

  3. Thank you! (I would totally love to hang out with you too.)

  4. Okay, this is all completely, 100% true and I only tell you because I love you and trust you enough to not do anything too cruel with the following information:

    When I read praise my face gets all hot and I read it again to make sure it's really there and then I get up and-- I kid you not-- I get up from my chair and dance all around the house until I've calmed myself enough to return to my chair and compose a calmly-worded, I've-got-my-S***-together reply.

    Or, if it's your blog, I confess my praise-reading ritual because you know that I by no means have got my s*** together and I wouldn't be fooling anyone with my cool-and-collected, I-do-this-everyday acceptance speech.

    So thank you. Except I don't thank you for the genius part because geniuses don't post about Colonel Saunders. I assume. I mean, I've never seen anyone get a MacArthur grant for doing so.

    P.S. Conversations with a Trophy is still my all-time favorite. Get that published, dude. Can I call you dude? Get it published. Regardless of our dude status.

  5. You're killing me with kindness! Thanks so much! And I'm a giant chump for taking this long to scoot over here with a comment.

    Yours is one of my favorite minds. I really can't tell you what a boon it's been for me to have made friends (albeit electronically) with you.

  6. @Nubian: You're most welcome!
    @Barbara: Great selection of bloggs.
    @dbs: One of these days, maybe. In the meantime, I'll tip a brew to you and just continue to enjoy your blog!
    @Nicki: One, a MacArthur grant will be yours. Or a MacDonalds grant. Or maybe even a Happy Meal. I'm holding out for the first.
    Oh, and I have no trouble whatsoever picturing your reactions. I'm pretty sure I've seen some of this already!
    @Nicole: You're welcome so much! And don't think because I'm a slacker when it comes to things like the CAC, that I've forgotten about you!

  7. Congrats on your fancy ass award. I'm already reading half these folks so I'll stroll over to the others.