Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Because More People Should Be Aware

Just linking to a great post by The Bloggess today. Because she wrote it so well, and because more people should be aware of the daily struggle some people (many more than you think) face.

Thanks, Jenny.


  1. I read that post today and IMMEDIATELY ran to my email to share it with my partner-- he's a psychiatrist, I thought, he should read this. And then I realized I wasn't sharing it at all for him or for his sake or even that he would necessarily find it incredibly interesting -- if he randomly shared posts on writing with me I'd be buried in 3 weeks. I realized I raced to share it because it touched ME, because I identified with it, because I wanted to prove to someone else that my feelings are real and legitimate and right here, on the page, real and live and true -- and that, I think, is the sign of a wonderful post.

  2. Right with you, there, Nicki. Thanks for resharing.