Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Tribute To Dick Tufeld

Had I known that I was going to be honored with the Versatile Blogger Award by Mrs. Tuna, I would have prepared something more upbeat. As it is, this will be a tribute to a legend of the small screen. 

If you were paying extra close attention to news coming out of La La Land this past week, you would have read this article about the death of character actor and voiceover artist, Dick Tufeld. For those of us of a certain age, he will be remembered as the voice of the Robot, on Lost In Space, and from hundreds of television commercials like this one

Honestly, the man's voice was so ubiquitous on TV, that I can't think of a time when I didn't hear it over the past 40+ years. He stayed very active and was still voicing characters as recently as 2004. Considering he started in TV when TV was brand new, I'd say the man had a hell of a great career. I'm drinking a toast in his honor tonight. 


And since Mrs. Tuna has bestowed the award, it is my duty to post seven interesting facts about myself for you readers. The cool part of this is that I can make up just about anything and you'd never know I was yanking your chains. But in the interest of full disclosure, propriety, and veracity, I will tell you things that are at least mostly true.

  • I applied to be an astronaut while an Army Aviator. NASA probably got a good laugh out of reading my application. I never heard back from them. 
  • I am afraid of gorillas. Really. Their stare scares the living shit out of me.
  • I don't like heights, even though I was (and technically still am) a pilot. 
  • Mrs. Marshmallow is by far, better at DIY home projects than I am. It's not even a contest. She built a two-level, heavy wooden backyard play set for our sons, from scratch, while I was at work one day! It would have taken me longer to buy the materials for it! That play set is still standing, and probably will stand forever, because she over-engineered the hell out of it. I will call in a demolition team to get rid of it before we die, however.
  • I love single malt Scotch Whisky, but I can no longer tolerate it because of some major abdominal surgery a couple of years back. Now I have a trove of the stuff that smells like heaven to me but makes me sick if I drink it. That's just cruel.
  • I have rescued two drowning swimmers in my life.
  • (breast or brains?) Yeah, I was asked that recently, by a woman. I thought it was an inappropriate question. Not because I was offended by it, but because I thought it was unfair to have to choose between the two, like they were mutually exclusive or something. Come on! And how do women get away with asking things like that? I'd get slapped if I did it (by the way, brains always, always, always win - except at the beach - sorry, but there must be some exceptions). 

Here's to you, Dick! Prost!


  1. One of my favourite movie lines is from Anchorman when Ron Burgundy says, " I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly...." I rarely drink alcohol but I still feel for you with your stomach situation. I guess, for you, it hurts like heaven.

  2. Great post - very impressed that you saved people drowning - and, uh, gorillas, really?

    Fair enough I guess, as snakes freak me out.

  3. Gorillas? NEVER woulda guessed that one.

  4. Came over from Mrs. Tuna's place! I'm gonna hang out here for awhile if you son't mind.

  5. Love single malt scotch and gorillas are cute, but I get your creep out thing.

    I am with you on the boobs at the beach, I also do stare at a nice pair with total envy!

  6. @dbs: Scotchy scotch scotch!
    @Brahm: it's that intense stare. Like they are telling me they're going to find me in the middle of the night and kick my ass!
    @Nicki: Don't tell the keeper at the Philadelphia Zoo. He's part of the gorilla plot to get me!
    @laughingmom: thank you for reading and your comment! Mrs. Tuna is wonderful.
    @Nubian: You are a woman of excellent taste, of course. I love baby gorillas. Cute as can be. But once they go all teenager and start with that "I'm gonna' jack you up" stare, then they lose me.
    Glad you have my back on the boobs thing, albeit for different reasons. But I haven't met a boob I didn't like yet.

    Sort of.

    Weird. Must stop now.