Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wolfgang And The Papa Take a Road Trip: The Beginning

Prologue and Part The First

There's no prologue. It just looks cool in the header.

Today begins the first journey of the Wolfgang and The Marshmallow to Auditionville. One of us is looking forward to this magical excursion and the other is driving. However, both of us are anticipating the cool, possibly awesome opportunities for buddy stuff to happen. Happy Meals, the D.C. Beltway at rush hour, Hampton Inn Breakfast. Thrills galore. College Park, MD, here we come!

And we will be ready for any situation because I have apps. I'm chock full of apps. Bring it on, world!

These upcoming adventures mean different things to Wolfgang and me. For him, they are the setup to life and a career. For me, they bring thoughts. Good thoughts, bad thoughts, worrisome thoughts. Thoughts like, "Will Wolfgang get me good seats and a backstage pass to his first Carnegie Hall recital?" 

That's all to write for now I guess this really is just the prologue. 
More to come...


  1. This: "And we will be ready for any situation because I have apps." seriously made me laugh out loud. Like full-out CHORTLE.

    Can't wait to hear about all your Marshmallow adventures!!

  2. ... and Bloggy BFF tickets as well.

  3. Chortles are good. Chortles make us heart things even more.
    Bloggy BFFs all get tix. Or I'll sneak around back and open the door to let everyone in.